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A surprise visit

While she is still **masturbating**, John the father-in-law of Arielle enters his room. This one finds the scene pleasant. He has always felt a desire for his wife's daughter. Taking advantage of the situation, he blackmails her and tells her that if she does not accept what he wants, he will tell everything to his mother. Afraid, she accepts the deal.

John has a small dog cage. To humiliate Arielle, he asks her to undress and get into the cage. It has no choice but to accept. She begs him to leave her in peace, but John does not want to listen to him, he wants to satisfy his desires.

A fuck if not a prisoner!

John agrees to get her out of her cage on one condition: she agrees to fuck with him. After a long reflection, Arielle agrees then she finds that her stepfather could also be a good shot.

He first asked her to cut **his cock**. After several minutes of pumps, John asks Arielle to kneel on the ottoman. He spreads his legs and makes him a good cunnilingus. Then, with a blow, he penetrates him in four **legs**. They then change position. Now Arielle is lying on her back. After several minutes of fucking, John is out of breath. He feels he will not hold out for long. He then decides to stand up. He asked Arielle to suck her dick again until he came into her mouth.

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