Panty & Nylon Party

Kate gets up. For my part, it’s been an hour already that I’m standing. I’m in the kitchen, naked … well almost since I donned my dark gray tights, the one that is a little too big but that I adore for its color.

“You prepare me a tea, my little heart?”

Kate throws me from the bedroom.

  • Yes, no worries, darling. She finally arrives in the kitchen still sleepy.
  • You know what I like about you? she said to me. I, pretending innocence:
  • No !
  • It’s when I see you like that, you’re so beautiful by sticking … and anyway, I can not imagine otherwise.

    With these words, she kisses me delicately, while passing her hand on my cock over the veil. I love his moments of intimate tenderness.

    Nylon & Panty party Kate knows all about my fetishism for months, it is even thanks to this that we finally met. It had been a long time since I frequented the dating sites, paying as well as free, in the hope of finding there one who like me, would love sex beyond reason and especially who would accept my fetish without concession. Meetings, yes, I did. I slept with a dozen women nevertheless without ever finding the rare pearl … until Kate. However, I still managed to convince some of them to wear a sticky, without anything underneath obviously, to please me. In fact, over the years, I became confident, so I did not hesitate to talk about these pleasures of nylon with my conquests and I promised them new sensations under my fingers. However, I could never convince them that I, too, would have liked to be dressed in the same way with them. My attraction for pantyhose dates back to my childhood. I started wearing it when I was not even ten years old. What was a game initially, ended up causing a true desire deep within my being, more than just a sexual drive. Generally chipped to my mother, I took a real pleasure to put on a pantyhose. The contact of matter so fine and its softness excited me. And for years, I asked myself the question of normality, of normal normality. I felt different from other boys my age because of my fantasy. I loved the pantyhose, I wore it in secret, and as soon as my means could afford it, I bought it. Was I normal? Was it normal to fantasize about this underwear? For a long time I considered myself on the sidelines. I was hiding, I was not talking to anyone … especially girls. At times, I was even ashamed. Shame on me to “dress” like a girl. I’m heterosexual and I was not comfortable with the need to put on a pantyhose to feel good … but it was stronger than me. All this created a real frustration for me. Was I developing this “so-called” part of femininity that we all (finally, it seems)? I do not know. It was not that I was dressing up, no, only the pantyhose attracted me and only women sticking excited me. Like any teenager, I watched a lot of porn movies in search of THE dream scene. Not finding my happiness, so I logically turned to movies where women wore stockings. The stockings have long been a palliative to my fantasy. It was not until the early 2000s, with the advent of the Internet, that I discovered that there were a multitude of sites on the subject, more or less good besides. From then on, I was no longer the only one to love that. You can not imagine the good that it did me. It was a rebirth … and it was the beginning of various experiences related to fetish pantyhose.

    With Kate, everything started with dialogues on the Internet via a dating site. Simple messages at first, then by chat in a second time. Confidence settled. I liked her profile picture. They were trusting more and more. Also, one evening, I talked to him about my fantasies while going with tongs. “Can I ask you an indiscreet question?” Are you rather low or sticky? I asked him. It was my usual way of approaching the subject and I found it exciting to talk nylon with a woman.
  • It depends on the circumstances … But why this question? she replied.
  • Because I do not hide that I have a weakness for women by sticking! I was afraid of his reaction.
  • The tights make** pretty legs** for women! “May I tell you a secret?” … my heart beat very hard in my chest.
  • Yes, it will remain between us of course!
  • Well, here it is … In fact, I’m fetishist panty ! What I did not know at that particular moment was that Kate, who had been single for a few years, was rather open to that kind of thing.
  • Oh, interesting! Explain to me.
  • Well, not only do I love women who wear pantyhose … but I wear it too.
  • Ah yes ? I would be curious to see that.
  • I can send you a picture if you want … I was shaking.
  • OK !

    Then we exchanged our cell phone numbers. I noticed that she owned an I Phone like me. I send a picture of me naked sticking, sex well trained under the nylon. What will be his reaction? Will she be shocked? I am angry while waiting for his answer by SMS.

  • Beautiful tail! me she sends. How do you explain what I felt then? Not only was she not shocked but in addition she complimented me on my sex! As much to say that I was in full … erection!
  • You have other pictures ?
  • Yes, of course, but rather than photos, why would not we make a “FaceTime” (a video function on I Phone)? That way we could talk and I’ll show you.
  • I do not know how it works.
  • Let me do. I’ll call you with “FaceTime”, you just have to press the button on your phone and we’ll get to know you better, OK?
  • OK !

    I had been direct. But I must say that I like exhibition. I am a regular on “video chat” sites. I like to show myself by sticking without ever showing my face. It is a way for me to satisfy my fantasies. Small precision, I never wear anything under nylon. That evening, with Kate, it was a little different. I was going to be alone with her live. I threw myself into the water. So we started to dialogue in video, talking about everything and nothing, to get to know each other better and to build mutual trust. To see us well was much better than just photos on a dating site. Then we got to the point. I was sitting on my couch, just wearing a t-shirt (I have a complex with my chest) and a tacky frothy flesh without anything underneath.
  • So you show me? she asks me after at least an hour of chatter.
  • Are you sure ? Are not you going to be shocked?
  • No, I’m curious to see that. I stretch out my arm holding the phone so that she can see me all.
  • Nice view ! … I was in full erection, I was struggling not to tremble with emotion. Even though I used to show myself, I was scared to do it like that.
  • Oh, you love?
  • Yes, it’s exciting. Caress yourself a little.

    I could not believe it. She was not shocked at all and moreover she asked for more! I stroked over the pantyhose then I grabbed my cock and started to masturbate.

  • Yes, it’s good, that … “Does it excite you?”
  • Yes, you make me wet. His frank and direct talk disconcerted me while exciting me more and more … I was in the angels.
  • Oh, great, glad you like it … I’m getting you wet? I like … you show me? She did not hesitate a moment, she pointed her phone on her crotch … she caressed the clitoris, she was soaked. My only regret at this point is that she does not wear tights.
  • Wow, I love! … I watched her fingering.
  • You could enjoy for me? she asks.
  • Yes.
  • Go ahead !

    I did not have to force myself, I ejaculated with such power that I sprinkled my sofa. “Mmm, I would have liked to have it in my mouth,” she said. She surprised me, finally I realized that she had no taboo, that she really liked it.
  • In your turn, enjoy me! … What she did quickly!

    The conversation was resumed after each one had his pleasure. We agreed on one thing, we had found, one and the other, an alter ego! This evening was like a dream. Without foreseeing it in advance, I had just found the woman I had always sought. A woman open to my fantasies, a woman who loved sex as much as me and who accepted my fetishism.

    So we decided to see each other, this time in real life. She would wear tights for me and me for her. From our first meeting with her a few months ago, we fell in love with each other, it was inevitable! I could only stay two days this first time. She lived far from home and work forced me to be able to linger more than reasonable. So I arrived at 10am at his home. She had opened the door to me without much belief, she thought I would not come. As soon as the door was closed and closed, I looked at his feet. She wore a skirt and stiletto heels, open, and I saw the tips of her tights. We embraced and embraced each other. She made me sink a coffee, we talked a little more, happy to see herself in real life, then she offered me to go to the bathroom to change me.

    We had agreed all this beforehand, when we saw each other, we would give ourselves to our hearts! We said to ourselves all that we expected of each other. For my part and to begin, I wanted to enjoy on his feet by sticking in order to go smoothly in our relationship. I went out of the bathroom sticking flesh, she had undressed, also keeping her tights of the same color (without panties underneath) and we went on her bed. I caressed it long, I passed my hands all over his legs, feeling the nylon under my fingers had provoked an erection out of norm! I slipped my head between her thighs to lick her clitoris through the veil. I felt her swollen lips. She took a delight in our erotic games. Then she began to caress me the sex over the nylon. I bandaged like crazy. What a joy to share her fetish with a woman. I knew, because she had told me, that she wanted to suck me at all costs … “I suck very well you know” … consequently, she took my cock in mouth and made me a delicious oral sex! After that, she held out her** feet** for me to enjoy. I took them in hand, I rubbed them on my sex, I played with the tips of his sticky and as agreed, I ended up ejaculating on. An enormous ejaculation. For three days I was not masturbating any more, I reserved for her.

    Then we went to eat in town. I had kept my pantyhose under my jeans as usual. It pleased him to have met a “different” man. In the street I held her hand. She was happy, too. Back at his apartment, we handed it over. In bed, I lowered her pantyhose to nibble at her clit (her wish), she quickly enjoyed. Then she got on all fours and asked me to take her from behind. A sodomy (his second wish). As I was wearing a condom, it lasted for a while and then to see it offered, I ended up enjoying deep inside her. In the evening, we decided to eat at home, quite simply. I brought some wine from my house. We had an aperitif and ate on the couch. All of a sudden she got down on her knees, dropped the pants under which I always wore my pantyhose and spread my thighs. The abuse of alcohol has its effect, she sucked me like never before! I took the opportunity to make pictures and videos with his agreement. To get sucked when you are sticking by a woman, holds an absolute dream for the fetishist that I am … I enjoyed in her mouth, she wanted to taste my sperm (still a wish to her). Finally, we went back to the room, and she offered to massage me, her hands were soft on my body, I even found the way to bandage but being tired by the journey, I fell asleep. Three cumshots the same day … it was a good start! The next morning we went for a tour in Belgium, we were at the border and Kate wanted to make me discover. We made the cigarette shops together and what is astounding is that at every trade of that sort, upstairs, there is a sex shop! It was the first time in my life that I was visiting a sex shop, hand in hand, with a woman. Of course, I especially looked at everything that was done in tights (without finding my size) while Kate, she, was buying a split string.

    “We try that when we get home,” she said, showing me her purchase. Back home, she asked me for a tights, I had brought a few to me. The time for me to pass in the bathroom and I found him lying on the bed, not by sticking, but in black suit. A bodystocking.
  • I just found that in my business, do you like it?
  • It’s very pretty but the material is thicker than the veil of a sticky.
  • I put a tights if you prefer.
  • No, stay like that, I like it too!

    She had threaded her string split over and even if the bodystocking is already open to the crotch, the vision of the whole I liked. For my part, I was of course sticky. We stroked for a long time and then I gave her a cunnilingus until she enjoyed it. I love doing this and I always look for the pleasure of my partner before mine, I do not want a selfish relationship where only man takes pleasure. She was happy because she had very rarely been given this type of treatment.

  • Take me with your pantyhose! What I did immediately.
  • Um, I like that feeling and you? “To be honest, Kate, I do not feel much, it’s worse than with a condom,” I said smiling.
  • I feel good and the sensation is sweet. This penetration lasted for a little while but seeing that I found only a minimal pleasure, she decided to make a blowjob to me through the sticky. So if it’s the fantasy of a lot of fetishist, be aware that getting sucked through a sticky or penetrating a woman with a sticky does provoke only a few sensations as such.
  • You know what I want?
  • Tell me ! I asked him. “Because you enjoy me!”

    That was an idea that suited me perfectly! So I lowered my pantyhose slightly and she began to masturbate me while I caressed her breasts covered with the thick veil of the bodystocking. She was lying down and I, kneeling, sex to his chest. Rather than letting her masturbate (which I like more than anything), I took her hand to place on my parts (my point “G”). A little parenthesis … I love to be masturbated by a woman and especially I like to watch it do. But to make me enjoy at the highest point, I especially appreciate the caresses on the balls. End of the parenthesis.

    Kate caressed the parts while I masturbated before her eyes. I ended up enjoying it. The jet of sperm was powerful, her breasts were covered, just as she received a little on the face. How good it was!

    After a small toilet and a quick meal, we went back to bed. Before leaving again in the early afternoon, we wanted to enjoy all the moments that were offered to us. So we redone the love, she only wearing her split string and I still sticking. I caressed her, I bit her nipples, my fingers roamed her wet sex! And this time, she asked me to enjoy on her bare feet, a first for me. I’m not a female fetishist, except when they’re in pantyhose, but seeing them with varnished nails, I’ve had a lot of fun. And re-ejaculation. Five enjoyments in a day and a half … so to tell you that after this first meeting with Kate, I was “leached”!